Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We Now Have Wireless

Just one night before the big announcement, I created a post with the following opinion: Starbucks needs free wirless that works!

On Monday morning I woke up to the following story:


What a great deal. Both iniatives were addressed. This new service will, in large part, be free, and better still, this Wi-Fi will actually work! AT&T is most likely the stronger of carriers when compared to the T-Mobile Hot Spot Network.


* Unlimited Free Wi-Fi for AT&T subscribers and Starbucks partners.

* Card holders: All others only need to plop down $5 on a Starbucks Debit Card to have 2-free hours of wireless service per day.

* Beyond that, you'll need to pay $3.99 for two hours, unless of course you get the Starbucks ($5 minimum) debit card - a nice built in incentive to get the card.

Way to go Starbucks. You addressed all three major problems:

1. FREE v. PAID Wi-Fi
2. Wi-Fi that actually works
3. and kudos to addressing the stagnation problem mentioned in the below post.

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