Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dr. Pepper - Classic!

It just occurred to me the other day while looking at a can of Dr. Pepper: Classic! Dr. Pepper has a very classic brand, a very classic image, and if they play their cards right, can gain considerable market share right now with one of the classic icons in the industry. People today yearn for more of a "classic" nature - simplicity - a honed image consistent with...Frank Lloyd Wright, Alice Waters, post modern idealism and good ole' Highway 66 Texas Dr. Pepper!!! (no official data on this "yearning" quite yet, but I'd bet an official study would pull up something along the lines of "in my favor - my sentiments aren't too far off the mark")

For the ultra hip in a classic can: remove the "shadow" gimmick outlay of the can and get rid of the (23) flavors at the bottom. Although an integral piece of the brand, they should shoulder this off to the side of the can. Go with a clean, no gimmick can with that classic DR PEPPER logo right in the middle.
Another ideas: a cane sugar version of this heavy laden, 40 gram sugar bomb of a product. I don't drink these anywhere near a 12 hour window of having to sleep. There is something else going on in the ingredients that keeps me wired way past normal waking hours, and I can usually mainline coffee through the 9pm hours and be fine. Not so w/ Mr. Pepper in the house.
Also - ditch the Axl gimmick as well and get down to the BASICS. A classic taste in a classic can. Although, that is a kind of a cool idea!

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